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To get access to all the QuickCalc tools for 30 days, please complete the simple request form below. We just need a few details to set up your free access and send your login details:

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No obligation - no pestering!
We think you or your team will really like the QuickCalc tools once you get some hands-on experience with them - but that's for you to decide. We will never use your free trial as an excuse to contact you with sales banter. We won't collect any payment information from you.

If you like we can set up the trial account so that multiple users can login with the same details. This means you won't need to ask for more than one trial account.

Things to try out...
Whilst you have your free access period, make sure you take a look at these:

· Expert benefit calculators
· Housing Benefit and Universal Credit 'Simple' calcs
· Smartphone tools
· PAYE and self-employed tools
· The utilities section
· The public web calculator

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the tools or how to use them, please let us know using the contact details below

Peter Cox
QuickCalc Development
· 07887 912811
· support@quickcalc.co.uk
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