Terms and conditions

By placing an order for the QuickCalc package or using the on-line QuickCalc pages or downloading the local installation package you agree to abide by these terms.

These QuickCalc software calculators and other html pages (the "content") are provided "as is" and without any warranty of suitability for any purpose either expressed or implied.

Users should evaluate the content for themselves and make their own assessment of its suitability for any purpose and any hazards which may arise from its use. Any use of the content is therefore entirely at the user's risk.

All users must respect the ownership rights of QuickCalc Ltd over these tools and abide by the conditions laid down here.

The content is offered for use under license and such use incurs liability for payment of an annual subscription fee. In the case of a 30 day trial all license terms apply with the exception of the liability to pay a fee for the trial.

The license commences when:
An approved order form is received by QuickCalc Ltd AND
Related QuickCalc user accounts are created for access to the service.
An approved order form is received by QuickCalc Ltd AND
An installer for intranet installation is sent to the user or their agent.

Where the subscription is for one user the license is granted to that one individual. Where the subscription is for more than one user the license and its terms apply as a group to all named users covered by that subscription.

Except in the case of free 30 day trials, licenses are granted on an ongoing basis with subscription payments falling due at the beginning of the license period and every 12 months thereafter. On the expiry of a 12 month subscription period the service remains available as a courtesy and to allow a reasonable period of time for payment to be processed. Continued use of the service after the subscription renewal date constitutes acceptance of the continuing license terms and a new 12 month subscription. Users who do not wish to continue with a new 12 month subscription and the ongoing license should refrain from using the service after the expiry of their subscription. Observance of the subscription dates is the responsibility of the user.

The license endures until a cancellation request is received by QuickCalc Ltd in writing or by email or by telephone request from an authorised person either prior to or within 28 days of their receipt of a new annual subscription invoice. Where a cancellation is received more than 28 days from receipt of a new annual subscription invoice it will only be considered for late cancellation in circumstances where the service has not been used by them after the paid subscription expiry date. In the event the user wishes to cancel their subscription this takes effect at the end of the then current 12 month subscription period. Subscription fees for part of a 12 month subscription period are not refundable.

The content is based upon QuickCalc Ltd's opinions and no claim is made as to its accuracy. The content is not advice, nor is it any form of guidance or recommendation. QuickCalc Ltd assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequences arising from any use of the content.

Except in the case of an agreed local installation, the content is available only to license holders for use on the world wide web. All reasonable efforts are taken to ensure the continued availability of the content. Payment of the license fee attracts rights to user support by email or telephone within 24 hours. Support is limited help with certain scenarios at QuickCalc Ltd's discretion. Support is only offered in instances where QuickCalc Ltd determines that the support request is pertinent to the QuickCalc tools and not to other infrastructure or systems beyond QuickCalc Ltd's control.

The content is not connected with or endorsed by the Department for Work and Pensions, The Pensions Service or The Inland Revenue, nor any Local or National Government department or any other agency, charity, organisation or group.

Users are not permitted to redistribute - or cause to be redistributed - any form of the content or the setup installation file without the expressed written permission of QuickCalc Ltd.

Users are expressly forbidden from repackaging the content or offering any of the content for sale.

No-one shall alter the appearance or function of the html code or other content - except for those areas set aside in the browser interface for data entry by the user.

INTRANET or LOCAL Installations of the QuickCalc tools:
Adequately licensed persons or licensed organisations who wish to install the content on a local computer or computer network may, by agreement with QuickCalc Ltd, download the setup file made available for that purpose.

The password must be obtained by direct application to QuickCalc Ltd using the form provided for this purpose on the web site. Any password must not be made known to third parties except for the purpose of completing the agreed local installation. Once the local installation is complete the content may be utilised by an agreed number of users within that local organisation. All such users are bound by the terms of this license.

These terms are subject to change without notice.